When shipping goods to international locations, sea freight shipping is an affordable, reliable alternative that will ensure your shipments arrive at their intended destination. Though ocean shipping is one of the world’s oldest modes of transportation, it’s an excellent choice for many companies. Here are a few of the benefits of using sea freight shipping.

You Can Use Sea Freight for Almost Any Shipment

A terrific thing about sea freight is that it can be used to transport nearly any shipment, regardless of the size. It’s also an effective solution for transporting items across the globe to areas that may not be easily accessible with other shipping methods.

Sea Freight is Efficient

Whether you need bulky, oversized items or a huge quantity of smaller goods, sea freight is an efficient shipping alternative. You can group multiple shipments together to lower your shipping costs. Since cargo vessels are designed to transport goods, they’re a great option for moving a large shipment.

Shipping Via Sea Freight is Safe

If you need to ship items that are potentially hazardous, ocean freight is a safe option for your needs. Freight ships must follow multiple rules and regulations that ensure conceivably dangerous goods are properly handled.

There’s also a low likelihood of theft or loss when using sea freight, as the shipping containers are sealed and locked to keep goods and materials safe.

Sea Freight Can Help You Lower Shipping Costs

Prevent shipping expenses from eroding your profits by using an economical shipping method like sea freight. It’s usually significantly cheaper to ship items via ocean freight, and you can save even more money by sharing space on a freight ship with other shippers.

Sea Freight is Environmentally Friendly

Consumers are increasingly utilizing companies that use business practices that lower their impact on the environment. Sea shipping has a lower carbon footprint when compared to other shipping methods, like air freight or freight trucks.

Many of the ships used for sea freight shipping have low emissions, especially when you consider how many goods these ships are transporting. New technological advancements are continuing to minimize the impact of ocean freight shipping on the environment.

On Time Sea Freight Shipping With AMR Group’s Worldwide Logistics Services

Shipping your goods with sea freight is an efficient, affordable, safe mode of transport. Ready to learn more about how sea freight shipping can benefit your company? Visit AMR Group online or give us a call at (702)800-6385 to request a rate today!