Thinking about using a freight forwarder? Do you find that your company is having issues navigating the logistical problems that can arise when shipping your goods? Or, are you worried that you’re paying too much for lengthy shipping timeframes?

A freight forwarder can help you ensure your goods reach their destination as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Check out a few advantages associated with using a freight forwarder for your shipping needs.

1. You’ll Have More Flexibility When Shipping Your Goods

Freight forwarders have experience promptly navigating any issues that may arise when shipping goods. They also have established relationships with international carriers allowing them to negotiate favorable deals.

Their expertise and industry connections are invaluable for giving you more flexibility when it’s time to ship and transport your goods.

For example, a freight forwarder will let you know about shipping opportunities you may be overlooking that can help lower your costs or get your items to their destination quicker.

They’ll also make sure you’re using the most efficient shipping methods in your budget that meet your industry standards. If you need to make changes to your shipping schedule, your freight forwarder will work to ensure these changes are made as stress-free as possible.

2. Your Documentation Will Be Complete

When shipping goods internationally, there are a lot of documents needed to make sure your goods clear customs in a timely manner.

Your freight forwarder will confirm you don’t inadvertently overlook any paperwork, and that your documentation is properly filled out. Missing or improperly completed documents can drastically stall the shipping process.

3. Your Goods Are More Secure

Using a freight forwarder to handle your shipping needs can give you peace of mind that your goods will arrive at their destination unscathed. Not only can cargo potentially be damaged during the shipping process, there’s also a risk of theft or items getting lost.

Freight forwarders supervise the logistics of shipping and make sure your items are safely loaded and unloaded. They’ll also stick with reputable carriers who are less likely to misplace or damage your items.

If you want to purchase shipping insurance for additional protection, your freight forwarder can help you get the coverage you need to properly protect your goods.

Connect with a Premier Freight Forwarder

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