What are the advantages of using a tradeshow & event logistics company like AMR Group?

Our team strives to alleviate the stress of tradeshows and events by delivering exhibit shipments around the world, on time and within budget. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure you have everything you need for your event.

What is a Freight Forwarder anyway?

Freight forwarders take care of arranging the smooth international transport of each shipment. Such professionals need both the business acumen and vast knowledge required to assist the average importing company or consumer.  Freight Forwarders coordinate the shipment of goods from one country to the other, finding the most appropriate and cost-effective transportation method to find a balance between cost, service and transit times.  These companies can usually assist with air freight, ocean freight, truck freight and rail shipments.  Companies like AMR Group and Landstar have negotiated favorable rates that importers and consumers can take advantage of.

Each freight forwarding company has a different number of partners in countries around the world who become part of your so called “supply chain”. Coordinating all the steps to get your freight from overseas manufacturing to your assembly line will require a competent Freight Forwarding partner.  We can help with ALL your shipping needs.

What is a Tariff, and how do they affect my international shipment?

A tariff is a type of duty and tax levied by a country on an imported good at the border. There are over 50,000 tariff numbers (HTS Codes) which help identify exactly what you are importing.  These tariff codes are globally accepted and understood by many countries in the world.  Its important to work with a qualified Freight Forwarder or customs broker to help identify the product you are importing and the associated duty and tax amount for that product.

Is it possible to ship overseas without paying expensive duty and tax?

If you are shipping your product overseas for a trade show, demonstration or sales meeting you can take advantage of certain methods of temporary importation which will allow you to avoid paying heavy duty and tax fees.  Using an ATA Carnet document is one way to avoid tax.  Also, importing to some countries under TIB (temporary import bond) will allow you to avoid paying duty.  AMR Group and Landstar have vast experience with this kind of shipment so call us today!

What is an incoterm (also referred to as the terms of a shipment)?

To facilitate commerce around the world, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) publishes a set of Incoterms, officially known as international commercial terms. Globally recognized, Incoterms prevent confusion in foreign trade contracts by clarifying the obligations of buyers and sellers.

Parties involved in international trade commonly use them as a kind of shorthand to help understand one another and the exact terms of their business arrangements and especially shipping agreements. Some Incoterms apply to any means of transportation, while others apply strictly to transportation across water.

You can find a full list of incoterms and their explanations by clicking here www.trade.gov/know-your-incoterms

Why is so much paperwork needed?

Shipping overseas involves customs agencies in both the country of origin and the destination. Airlines and ocean carriers need to know what your shipment consists of. Therefore, you must provide a commercial invoice or packing list detailing the contents of your shipment. Some countries require more documentation than others. AMR Group and Landstar will gladly assist you with paperwork as needed.

Why can’t I get a set rate for my shipping?

We offer a customized shipping solution for every customer, and due to fluctuations and constant changes in prices, we like to offer a comprehensive cost estimate in every case.

What’s with all the charges for driver waiting time?

In the U.S. and Canada, there is normally 1 or 2 hours of wait time included in the cost provided. If the driver has to wait more than the allotted time, then they charge us a fee per each hour they wait to load or unload.

Do you recommend shipping by air or ocean?

That depends on your budget and how much time you have. If you have the time, we normally suggest shipping by ocean, which takes up to 8 weeks depending on the destination. If you’re in a hurry, then we will suggest shipping by air, which takes 1 to 10 days. We also suggest this kind of shipping if you have fragile items or electronics.