About AMR Group’s International & Domestic Shipping

AMR Group is a premier shipping & logistics company with experience shipping to more than 60 countries worldwide. Our international network of partners and agents makes us truly unique. With the assistance of our worldwide shipping logistics services, you have the ability to ship your products to any corner of the globe.

A Shipping Company You Can Rely On

AMR Group has become a trusted name in the world of global freight forwarding. If doesn’t matter if you’re shipping large or small products, you need the experience and professionalism our team provides. We uphold a long-standing track record and ability to ensure your shipment arrives on time with zero failure.

More About AMR Group

AMR Group ships to 60 nations, including the United States, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Japan, India, China, Indonesia, France, Germany, and many others.

We not only provide trucking freight shipping services, but also air freight and sea freight services. This way, you have a number of shipping options based on the size of your product(s) and the amount of time you have at your disposal. Additionally, thanks to GPS tracking, you have the ability to continually monitor the movement of your shipment and have access to real-time updates regarding your goods.

Help With Your Shipping Forms

When shipping goods internationally, there is a host of documents you’ll need to fill out in order to make sure your goods make it to the final destination. If this is your first time shipping internationally, you may be unfamiliar with shipping regulations. AMR Group provides assistance with all documentation and forms, ranging from ATA carnet forms, commercial invoices, certificate of origin, payments, and other details you’ll want to complete prior to shipping. Our logistics services will keep you on track with turning in all the necessary paperwork.

AMR Group Company Values

It is AMR Group’s goal to provide the highest level of security and promptness for all customer freight. Our team values integrity, personal ownership, thinking outside the box and humor above everything else, and we are committed to ensuring every customer feels they have been treated with respect and excellence.

AMR Group’s Vision

To provide superior international & domestic shipping solutions in a global network spanning five continents with our customer’s interests as our No. 1 priority.

Ship On Time & Within Budget

AMR Group Terms & Conditions of Service