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We understand you’re dependent on the timely delivery of your goods. However, often times the cargo you have is simply too large to be shipped via a traditional carrier. That is where AMR Group, a professional sea freight company, can help. As an shipping service provider, we will make sure your materials are picked up, shipped and delivered right to its final destination.

On Time Shipping with Our Sea Freight Company

When shipping large quantities of materials or large objects, you may need the added space of a sea freight cargo container. Attempting to ship this amount of material via air can be expensive, but if you have the time, taking advantage of the services offered by a sea freight company makes it possible to ship just about anything worldwide.

Sea freight shipping is the most cost-effective method of transporting large objects and exhibits to destinations around the world. You do need to leave an additional four to eight weeks for the shipment (depending on the point of origin and the final destination port), but if you plan accordingly, you can save thousands of dollars with each transit.

The Shipment Process

When you arrange for a sea freight shipment, your goods will be picked up directly from your facility. The items will be packaged and placed into a shipping container, which will then be loaded onto a sea freight cargo ship. From there, the cargo ship will depart and arrive at the port nearest your desired destination.

Once the cargo shipment is claimed at port, it will go through international customs (which is one reason why it may take up to eight additional weeks for the shipment to arrive). Once it passes through customs, your tradeshow displays and exhibits will be transferred onto a truck and driven to the final desired destination. If you want it deposited at your tradeshow destination, you can have it dropped off right at your tradeshow booth, so all you need to do is set it up upon your arrival.

Saving You Thousands of Dollars

AMR Group provides air freight shipping options, should you need your goods at the destination within a shorter transit window. However, if you have the available time, sea freight transportation can cut down on your shipping costs by thousands of dollars.

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