Work with an International Tradeshow Shipping Company to try to Avoid Weather Delays

Hurricanes, snow storms, typhoons, and flooding can wreak havoc on your international tradeshow shipping plans. As we’re right in the middle of extreme weather season, here are some best practices for shipping during storms.

International Tradeshow Shipping in Extreme Weather

Today, shipping disruptions from extreme weather are 30% higher than they were just 7 years ago, and they can have a serious impact on your ability to do business, including exhibiting at tradeshows. As extreme weather events become more widespread, it pays to take steps to be prepared and lessen their impact.

How to Prepare for Inclement Weather

  • Keep in mind the damage from a storm or other disaster is not isolated to where it occurs. These kinds of disasters can have a ripple effect that can reach thousands of miles away from the impact area. Damage can occur to roads, airports and seaports, delaying delivery of your exhibit items.
  • Stay in communication with your tradeshow and events freight forwarder. If severe weather conditions are predicted during the time your shipment is in transit, discuss what alternative methods and routes are available for getting your goods to the venue on time.
  • If it’s not your initial method of transportation, determine if air freight is a viable option.

Ultimately, every time you ship freight, there is some degree of risk. It can be devastating, not to mention expensive, if you’re forced to exhibit without your exhibit materials. That’s why choosing the proper freight forwarder with extensive experience in tradeshow exhibit shipments is so important. Your freight forwarder is an integral member of your tradeshow team, one whose role is to “steady the ship” when problems occur and be available to assist when you need them.

Since 2011, AMR Group has been handling the international tradeshow shipping needs for businesses big and small. We ship to more than 60 countries and have an international network of partners who are dedicated to tradeshow and event shipping. We can help you track extreme weather events, make recommendations for the best shipping options and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with having your exhibit materials in the right hands. Contact us at 702-800-6385