A Newbie’s Guide to Tradeshow Shipping

As a beginner, tradeshow shipping can be a daunting task. You need to find a tradeshow and event logistics partner, familiarize yourself with shipping regulations and ensure your cargo gets to the desired destination in time. Although overseeing tradeshow & events logistics can be quite difficult, you can still get all your exhibition materials delivered successfully. Here’s what you need to know in order for your first tradeshow shipping to go on smoothly.

1. Have All Important Information
Before shipping your goods, get your facts right about all the important details concerning your tradeshow and shipping. Know all the deadlines to ensure you meet them and avoid penalties and fines. These include stipulated move-in and move-out dates, as well as the stipulated times for both advance warehouse shipments and those to be shipped directly to the show.

Knowing your dates lets you know how much time you have so you can prepare materials and shipments adequately. Also, familiarize yourself with shipping regulations to ensure you acquire the right permits; although this can be handled by your tradeshow & event logistics partner. Make sure you have the contacts of your carrier’s customer care, general contractor and the show decorator, just in case problems arise.

2. Have a Packing List of All the Necessary Items
Prepare a packing list for all the necessary items you are going to need for your tradeshow, and ensure you pack them all. Don’t forget to include staples and staplers, markers, shrink wrappers and scissors to help you unpack and set up your booth much faster.

Use packaging materials that stand out, and label your event pieces appropriately for easy identification. Also, carry along your shipping information so it can be easy to track your cargo in case of any delays.

3. Ship to An Advanced Warehouse
You have two options when shipping your materials in preparation for your tradeshow: shipping to an advance warehouse or shipping directly to the show site. If your materials arrive early, you can ship them to an advanced warehouse where they’ll be kept until the day of the show. When shipping to the show site, your materials are delivered directly to the venue.

It is recommended to always ship to an advanced warehouse. You’ll have more time to rectify any issues with your freight and prepare for your exhibition. Goods shipped to an advanced warehouse are also prioritized when unloading and are attended before those shipped to the show site directly.

4. Material Handling/Drayage Costs
Material handling/drayage refers to the transit of goods to and from the tradeshow venue. When budgeting for your tradeshow, ensure you factor in drayage costs which may vary depending on the type of shipment, time and the amount of handling needed. Drayage cost not only includes transportation, but also clearing and storage if empty cartons after you have set up your booth.

To avoid incurring high costs, ensure your shipment’s details are correct and that you observe the stipulated dates and deadlines for deliveries and move-ins. Also, you can ship small boxes on a pallet, or consolidate all your materials and avoid shipping in multiple small boxes.

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