Tips for Minimizing Problems During Heavy Haul Shipping

Heavy haul refers to wide loads that exceed the set measurement standards for loads in terms of weight height or length. This can make your tradeshow shipping stressful as it requires extra effort to ensure cargo reaches its destination as expected and in good shape. However, working with a competent tradeshow transportation company can ease the burden of the whole process. To help you ensure your heavy haul shipping faces as little hurdles as possible, here are helpful tips to follow:

1. Inform Your Carrier in Advance and Get Information Regarding Your Permits
Shipping such enormous loads comes with loads of responsibility and challenges. It is, therefore, prudent to inform your tradeshow transportation company in advance the details of your shipment to allow for early preparation. This eliminates the last-minute rush that comes with your carrier trying to make adjustments to accommodate your heavy haul. 

Since most carriers always handle the permits and include the costs in shipping charges, you want to confirm that this is true. Otherwise, understand the legal requirements for shipping your cargo and obtain the necessary permits.

2. Get Your Measurements Right
The measurement details of your load determine the type of permits you require to transport your cargo. Ensure that you not only have accurate measurements, but also the serial numbers, the make and model of your cargo to make the process easier. Keep in mind that even a slight error can greatly alter your routes, permits and costs.  In case of incorrect details, you’ll have to reapply for another permit using the right dimensions which will cost you time.

3. Know Any Special Requirements You’ll Need
Heavy haul requires special handling due to the size of the load. Establish what you’ll need to facilitate the loading and offloading of cargo. Whether you need a forklift for pallet-stacked items or a crane for the large irregularly shaped items, you should ensure they are available beforehand. Also, establish if you need flags or tarping, and how to secure your cargo if it is fragile.

4. Plan Adequately
Shipping heavy haul needs a lot of early planning for it to be a success. Consider taking advantage of the time by getting everything ready for the shipping early. This includes getting the right tradeshow transportation company early, obtaining the permits, getting the necessary loading and offloading equipment and running your routes early.

While you may have prepared well, understand that everything may not go as planned. Hence, you should prepare for an unexpected circumstance such as foul weather, construction zones which may change the truck’s routes, and permit difference for different states and counties.  

5. Work with The Right Company
Engaging the right tradeshow transportation company for trucking services is essential in ensuring that your load arrives at its destination safely and on time. You want to look for adequately insured professionals with experience in heavy haul. The trucking company you choose should also come highly recommended and have minimal to no injury claims, and with favorable payment terms.

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