Get a Tradeshow Freight Rate from AMR Group

The United States is a huge market, offering true diversity in cultures, industries and locations. Several venues in the U.S. play host to exhibitions and conferences all year round, from Miami in the southeast to Anchorage, Alaska, almost 5,000 miles away. As exhibitors ship their items from all corners of the world, one question that always crops up is the escalating tradeshow freight rate. Does cargo insurance add to the cost, and how can you bring down the cost?

What Is Cargo Insurance?
Every tradeshow exhibitor needs a tailor-made cargo insurance coverage to provide the best protection possible when shipping in cargo. You need a shipping company that ensures your shipment moves without damage. Due to the delicate nature of the tradeshow industry and the extreme weather conditions often experienced across the nation, some circumstances are often beyond the control of your freight company.

When you purchase cargo insurance, you can rest assured a broader range of risks is covered. The cost of replacing your tradeshow booth can far exceed your yearly tradeshow budget, and that’s a risk you don’t want to take. Cargo insurance protects your investment and gives you peace of mind. Ensure the policy terms cover shipments into the tradeshow, within the show site, and out of the tradeshow.

How Can Cargo Insurance Lower Your Tradeshow Freight Rate?
It’s strongly recommended you purchase cargo insurance with a company that is experienced in shipping tradeshow exhibits and products. They understand the intricacies in this industry and will more likely handle your items with the utmost care they deserve. Here are some questions to ask when choosing cargo insurance coverage and bring down your tradeshow freight rate:

  • What is your deductible?
  • Does the amount of your deductible make your cargo insurance more cost-effective?
  • Does your policy cover concealed damage when a delivery receipt was signed off “clean”?
  • Are your exhibits covered when on the show floor?

In general, your cargo insurance should cover damage during transit, loss during transit, damage or loss while on the show floor, water damage, breakage, pilferage, and concealed damages if the inspection determines that the damage might have occurred in transit.

Work with the Experts!
Cargo insurance is designed to respond to unforeseen accidents or events that affect your goods while in transit. AMR Group has been shipping tradeshow and event exhibits to more than 60 countries for several years. With an international network of partners and agents, you can expect exquisite services from one of the industry’s top logistics companies in the world. AMR’s cargo insurance is customized to cover your tradeshow exhibits into and out of the tradeshow as well as coverage while on the tradeshow floor (up to 30 days). Contacts us today to begin the conversation with one of our friendly cargo insurance experts or request a tradeshow freight rate.