In the past decade, online shopping has become the norm for many consumers, which creates a unique opportunity for small businesses. By embracing eCommerce, they can reach beyond the borders of their community and their country to appeal to a global audience. With international reach, however, comes new challenges, such as navigating shipping regulations in dozens of countries. This is where an effective global logistics solution is key, as it gives you the support you need to make your eCommerce business a success. 

Here are just some of the things that it can help with:

Selecting the Best Shipping Methods

Shipping internationally can be costly and difficult. It may require several modes of transportation to deliver the product to its final destination, along with a stop or two at customs facilities or freight forwarders. Plus, shipping will take longer, with a greater possibility of delays and damage compared to domestic shipments. An effective global shipping and logistics system can help you find the best combination of ground, air, sea, and truck freight to get your goods to your customers as quickly as possible while keeping shipping costs reasonable.

Working With a Freight Forwarder

An experienced freight forwarder can make international shipping much easier. They can help navigate regulations, work with customs, consolidate or break down shipments as needed for the final destination, and more. Working with a qualified global logistics company can help you find the best freight forwarder for your needs.

Managing Shipping Regulations

Every country has different shipping regulations, as well as restrictions on the types and quantities of products that you can import, such as produce or hazardous materials. To navigate the many different rules and regulations for each country that you ship to, it is essential to work with a dedicated logistics firm. They can provide the knowledge and support you need to avoid shipping delays, fines, penalties, and more.

Clearing Customs Quickly

Customs delays are common in international shipping, especially if there are problems with the required forms and paperwork. Goods shipped internationally may need customs declarations, packing lists, bills of lading, and more, as well as the appropriate fees. An experienced global logistics company can ensure you have completed all the steps necessary to clear customs quickly, and they can manage any problems as they arise.

Calculating Fees

If you want your eCommerce business to be profitable, it is essential that you correctly calculate shipping costs, tariffs, taxes, and customs fees so that you can price your products accordingly. A quality logistics solution can help you manage these costs and ensure that there are no surprise fees for you or your customer.

Monitoring Shipment Progress

International shipping takes a long time, and with multiple stops along the way, there is plenty that can go wrong. A logistics expert can monitor the progress of your shipment, keep you updated on its arrival time, and intervene if there are any problems en route.

Global Shipping & Logistics in Las Vegas

When you need smooth, reliable international shipping in the Las Vegas area, turn to our team at AMR Group. We are the area’s premier global logistics experts, and we ship to more than 60 countries worldwide. Our growing international network and experienced freight forwarders make it easy to ship your eCommerce goods to a global client base, and our LandStar logistics solution keeps you apprised of all critical shipment details.

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