Shipping costs can be a huge drain on the budget for any small business, but eliminating shipping is simply not an option in today’s modern economy. To maximize the profits of your Las Vegas business while keeping your customers happy, follow these simple tips to optimize your small business shipping strategy.

1. Keep Track of Carrier Rates

Make sure you stay informed of changes to carrier rates, policies, and restrictions so that you can always get the best shipping prices. One carrier may have the lowest prices for ground shipments, while another may offer better rates for air shipments. Another carrier may offer the most reliable next-day delivery, though the cost may be higher. Staying informed can help you choose the perfect shipping service for each situation.

2. Negotiate Better Prices

If you ship a large number of packages, you can often negotiate with the shipping company for better rates. Approach multiple carriers to achieve the best rates possible for each type of package you will send, whether it is ground, air freight, LTL truck shipping, FTL truck shipping, or international container shipping via sea freight.

3. Ship in Bulk

Sending a few small packages to a single address will typically cost more than sending one larger package. By combining packages, you can save significant money on your small business shipping costs. Offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount can not only allow you to combine shipping for multiple items but can encourage your customers to buy more with each visit.

4. Know the Effects of Package Size

Larger, heavier packages cost more to ship, especially by air. Keep track of carrier rates so that you know the best way to ship packages while balancing your customer’s wishes for fast shipping. It may be cost-effective to ship small, lightweight packages by air, but for anything larger, ground shipping will be the best shipping option.

5. Choose the Best Packing Materials

It is important to protect your merchandise during shipping. Selecting the best boxes and packing materials like foam, air cushions, or paper is essential, but it is also important to not go overboard. Not only will excess filler materials cost more, but they can make the package larger, increasing its cost to ship. Experiment to find the best balance of cost and protection for your specific products.

6. Automate the Shipping Process

Individually packing and shipping each order requires lots of time and labor. To maximize the profits of your Las Vegas business, consider upgrading your shipping equipment and adding specialized shipping software to help you automate the shipping process. This allows your staff to focus more on the quality of the products rather than shipping them.

Small Business Shipping Services in Las Vegas

When you need a reliable partner for cost-effective small business shipping in the Las Vegas area, turn to our team at AMR Group. We offer domestic and international shipping via air freight, truck freight, and sea freight, and we work with multiple carriers to help you find the best shipping rates for your business. We ship to 60 countries worldwide, and we feature an international network for reliable, on-time delivery locally, across the country, or overseas.

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