Events like trade shows, charity dinners, or fundraisers can be great marketing tools for your Las Vegas business, but they are notoriously difficult to organize. To pull off your next event successfully, follow these eight tips for mastering event shipping and logistics.

Event shipping and logistics with AMR Group in Las Vegas, Nevada1. Define Your Goals & Budget  

What will the purpose of the event be? Define what you hope to achieve with the event, from enhancing brand recognition to showcasing new products or demonstrating your company’s core values. Set concrete expectations and goals for your staff, as well as a realistic budget.

2. Start Planning as Early as Possible

Early planning helps you to source the best vendors, identify any problems, and effectively adapt to any challenges with event shipping and logistics that may come your way. Create a manageable timeline with targets to hit in a timely manner, and stick to the plan.

3. Select the Best Venue for the Event

Find a venue that is in a good, easily accessible location near major transportation hubs, with suitable capacity to handle your staff and guests, attractive amenities, as well as plenty of occupancy in nearby hotels.

4. Line Up All Your Vendors

Work with local companies to source reputable vendors for food, transportation, AV equipment, furnishings, lodging, and anything else your business or your guests may need. Get multiple bids for each service, choose vendors with the best balance of experience and cost, and keep a list of secondary vendors handy in case any back out.

5. Start Shipping Early

Getting your products and equipment to the event reliably and in good condition is essential for successful event shipping and logistics. By shipping as early as possible, not only will you save on shipping costs, but you will also leave an opportunity to correct any problems that may arise. Experienced shippers and freight forwarders can help to facilitate your event shipping requirements, whether you need domestic or international shipping, air freight, sea freight, or truck freight.

6. Organize Your Staff

Get your staff prepared for the event through plenty of training, familiarizing them with the itinerary, and anticipating any problems that can occur. Choose key personnel to delegate responsibilities to, and make your expectations clear. Well-trained staff can overcome any challenges and keep your event operating smoothly.

7. Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Communicate with your vendors, staff, and management personnel often leading up to the event and constantly in real-time as the event unfolds. This will help you to identify and correct any problems as they happen and keep the attendees in good spirits.

8. Analyze Your Successes & Failures

Improve future event shipping and logistics by evaluating the success of each event and analyzing any challenges or failures that occurred. They will help you learn from your mistakes and make each event better than the last.

Event Shipping & Logistics for Businesses in Las Vegas

Make shipping your products and equipment to trade shows, fundraisers, executive retreats, or other events a breeze with reliable event shipping and logistics from our team at AMR Group. We work with businesses throughout the Las Vegas area, and we offer a full range of domestic and international shipping services, including FTL and LTL truck freight, air freight, sea freight, container shipping, and more. We are a leading global freight forwarder, and we have an international network for trusted, zero-fail shipping to over 60 countries worldwide.

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