When your business is planning or taking part in a large event like a trade show, a product showcase, an executive retreat, a charity event, or a fundraiser, the process can be quite complex with many moving parts. From scheduling travel for your personnel, booking hotels, and arranging rentals at the destination to shipping your most important equipment and products, there is plenty to do. These event shipping and logistics tips will help you stay organized, avoid common pitfalls, and make the event as successful as possible.AMR Group in Las Vegas handles international event shipping

1. Set Goals and Expectations for Your Event 

Determine what the goals of the event will be, set the expectations for your staff, and assign personnel to coordinate the planning process. Sketch out a basic timetable and set reminders so that you can stay on track with crucial planning steps and deadlines throughout the process.

2. Start Planning Early

The earlier you can start the planning process, source vendors, find a venue, and make concrete arrangements, the better. That way, if certain elements of the event plan fall through, you will have time to make alternate arrangements.

3. Simplify Your Event Shipping Needs

Shipping your products and equipment to the host destination can be one of the most costly and complex portions of planning your event, especially if the event is happening overseas. To simplify this process, create a detailed list of the products and equipment you will need for the event. If you can make do with local rentals of equipment at the destination, such as tables, chairs, PA systems, and A/V gear, that may be the most cost-effective option.

4. Leave Plenty of Time for Shipping

If you can spare the products and equipment you need for the event, shipping it early can be a great way to save on shipping costs. Crucial equipment that is necessary for everyday business may need to wait until the last minute, but the more you can ship via ground, truck, or sea freight instead of air freight, the more you can save.

5. Use an Experienced Freight Forwarder

Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, working with an experienced freight forwarder can help you make sure your shipments arrive on time with little to no damage. This is especially important for large, heavy items, fragile items, or multiple pallets of goods. A freight forwarder will have the connections to arrange the best shipping options, manage the customs process, and track the shipment as it travels to the destination.

6. Provide Proper Documentation

Make sure all your shipments have the appropriate invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, and customs forms. If you are shipping internationally, and you will be shipping your products there and back, or re-exporting them, be sure to use an ATA Carnet to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, fees, and duties.

Event Shipping & Logistics for Las Vegas Businesses

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