Sea freight shipping is an affordable and environmentally-friendly shipping alternative for shipping items internationally for multiple reasons. Here’s what you should keep in mind when deciding if sea freight is the best shipping alternative for your company.

Your Costs

The costs for shipping items via sea freight are some of the most affordable shipping rates available. When shipping internationally and or with large and heavy items, the average cost of sea freight shipping can be as much as four to six times cheaper when compared to other types of shipping methods.

If you have a small shipment that doesn’t require an entire container, you can group your items with other shippers’ goods to reduce your expenses even more.

Your Shipping Options

Another advantage of sea freight is that there are minimal restrictions about what items you can ship. Sea freight can accommodate heavy or oversized items that can’t be transported using other shipping methods.

Since ships are designed to safely transport dangerous or volatile cargo, they’re an excellent option for safely shipping items that are potentially dangerous. Your items will be sealed and locked to ensure they’re not a danger to the ship’s crew during their travels.

Your Potential Destinations

Sea freight allows you to ship items across the globe. If you need to ship items to a destination that’s difficult to reach, sea freight is a reliable shipping method that ensures that your items get there safely.

Your Ideal Environmental Impact

If you like to utilize practices that minimize your impact on the environment, sea freight is generally regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly shipping methods.

Ships have lower carbon footprints and fewer gas emissions than other shipping methods. New technology continues to make new ships even less detrimental to the environment.

Get Started with Sea Freight Shipping

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