How to Find a Shipping Container Company in Las Vegas

Many businesses rely heavily on moving physical goods between locations. Whether you’re moving supplies to a facility, or products from a facility, a shipping container company will likely have the lowest rates for moving large amounts of goods.

Modes of Transport

Make sure the shipping container company you choose provides all the freight transport services your business needs. 

Some shipping container companies may specialize in just container transport. These companies can efficiently transport containers internationally and domestically, often by a combination of water and rail. 

If you’re only receiving containers from overseas and don’t have major domestic shipping needs, then this option might be suitable for you. Most businesses in Las Vegas need to receive and send goods around the country, however, they often don’t always have a container’s worth to send.

Assuming your business needs to transport goods that aren’t a container full, make sure the company you use has other transport options too. This might be via a small rail car, but it’s more likely to be via tractor-trailer. 

Pairing shipping container transport with truck/less-than-truckload transport gives your business the flexibility to send shipments of whatever size that’s needed. You can also access many more locations when truck/LTL shipping is additionally available.

Shipping Rates

Of course, you want a competitively priced shipping container company. Shop around for affordable rates to/from where you’re receiving or sending goods. Some companies are more heavily concentrated in certain regions, and therefore might offer you better rates if you’re only transporting goods within their main region.

Shipping Times

Shipping containers aren’t always the fastest way of moving goods, as this shipping method generally trades-off speed for price. To account for this, make sure you double-check the shipping times of any company you use.

Your shipping times may be in days, weeks, or even months. You should be able to account for this on any received shipments, as you can simply place your order earlier. Confirm that the timeframes will work with any shipments that you’re sending since customers sometimes have faster shipping expectations.

In many cases, a business that offers both shipping container and truck/LTL transport can accommodate different shipping timeframe needs. Containers can be used regularly to keep costs down, while trucks (and perhaps air) can be used as needed for quick turnarounds.

Pickup/Drop-off Location

To make your business logistics easier, find a shipping container company that’ll deliver to and pick up from wherever you need shipments. Most shipping container companies will only go to commercial addresses, but that could be almost any commercial address in the city. Find a company that’ll deliver directly to your business address, to a convention center’s address, or anywhere else that you might need things delivered to.

Get Shipments To and From Las Vegas

If you need to send shipping containers to or from Las Vegas, contact our team at AMR Group. We’ll make sure your goods get wherever you need them to go – on time and at affordable rates. We’re able to take care of whatever freight transport needs your business has.