When you rely on shipping to transport your goods, a dock worker strike has the potential to disrupt your operations. On July 1st, 2022, US workers across 29 ports saw their contacts expire. In 2014, the US faced slower dock operations for nine months during contract negotiations, and it eventually took intervention from the government for operations to return to normal.

Supply chains are already under stress due to pandemic-related challenges and increased consumer spending. Here’s what you need to know about the impact of a dock worker strike on supply chains.

The Issues Caused by a Dock Worker Strike

Though dock workers in the US aren’t currently striking, if they can’t agree to an acceptable contract, strikes and intentional dock slowdowns become a possibility.

A dock worker strike or workplace slowdown prevents ports from running efficiently and at full capacity. As arrivals to US ports are delayed, this will cause international issues with supply chains. These delays can take weeks or even months for the supply chain to fully recover from.

Delays in shipping and processing goods aren’t immediately counteracted even if dock workers agree to a contract. Instead, it takes time and extra resources to transport goods to their destinations.

How AMR Group Can Help Mitigate the Effects of a Dock Worker Strike

AMR Group offers numerous shipping services to better handle our clients’ shipping needs. This allows us to continue to ship and transport goods efficiently, even when we’re faced with a murky shipping environment.

If a strike or worker slowdown occurs, we can help you adjust your shipping methods to minimize the impact on your operations.

We also have a partnership with Landstar Agency to expand our international network; Landstar Agency is a global transportation company with a worldwide network of shipping agents. If one shipping plan will potentially be impacted by a dock worker strike, our partnership provides more options for your shipping needs.

Create a Plan to Mitigate the Effects of a Strike

Want to make sure you have a plan for minimizing the impact of a dock worker strike on your supply chain? Contact AMR Group at 702-800-6385 to request a rate.