Whether you are sending supplies to a manufacturing partner or delivering goods directly to the consumer, choosing the best shipping method is essential to find the best balance of cost, efficiency, and speed for your business. There are many possible shipping solutions for both domestic and international shipping. Here is how the different shipping options for businesses compare.

Ground Shipping

Ideal for a few small packages, domestic ground shipping through carriers like UPS or FedEx can be quite cost-effective, but it will take multiple days or even up to a week for the packages to arrive at the destination. USPS shipping for businesses can be even more affordable, depending on the size of the package and the travel time, but tracking through the postal service is often not as accurate.

LTL Truck Freight

When you have larger amounts of freight to send or heavy items, LTL shipping or less-than-truckload is often the best option. It is more cost-effective than ground or air shipping when dealing with quantities that would better fit on a pallet or two, and there are no strict weight limits. However, because the truck may make multiple stops along the way, and your freight is intermingled with shipments from other companies, there is more potential for damage as the pallets are moved around for access.

FTL Truck Freight

If you have a large quantity of products or materials to move domestically or to nearby countries like Canada or Mexico, full truckload or FTL shipping provides the most cost-effective shipping for businesses in the US. By filling the entire truck with freight for a single destination, you can achieve the lowest cost per unit, plus the shipping times will be faster, thanks to fewer stops per trip.

Air Freight

Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, air freight offers the fastest delivery times for small quantities of packages, but the costs can be substantial. Three-day, two-day, or even overnight delivery is available in the US, while overseas deliveries can take up to a week or longer, but the transit times are much faster than sea freight. This is ideal for getting your products to consumers as quickly as possible, no matter where they are.

Sea Freight

If you have to ship large quantities of freight overseas or items that are heavy or bulky, sea freight is the most affordable global shipping solution for businesses. It can take far longer than air freight, from 30 to 90 days, depending on transit times, port conditions, and customs clearance, but it is far more cost-effective. There are options for both full container loads and partial container loads, similar to truck shipping.

Domestic & International Shipping for Businesses in Las Vegas

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