Brazil Welcomes ATA Carnet ProgramJust in time for the largest sporting event in the world Brazil has started accepting ATA Carnets for temporary importation of professional equipment and exhibitions.  The use of this type of internationally recognized document (which allows goods to enter the country on a temporary basis without paying heavy import tariffs or duty and tax) will be limited as the program is rolled out around the country but, we hope its introduction will encourage foreign participation at Brazil’s hundreds of events and tradeshows each year.

Brazil hosts many international cultural, political, sporting events, conferences, and trade shows every year. By adopting the ATA Carnet system, Brazil is making it much easier for U.S. exporters to participate and exhibit at these events. Brazil is the largest economy in South America, the 8th largest in the word and the United States’ 11th largest goods export market. Modern infrastructure and facilities as well as a population of 193 million makes this market very attractive to U.S. exporters and investors.

AMR Group can arrange ATA Carnet’s for our customers as well as guiding your event and tradeshow shipments to their final destination on time, every time!  Brazil’s announcement should reduce transit times and costs in the future.

With this great news we look forward to providing you with ATA Carnets to Brazil! Contact AMR Group Inc today and be the first to enter Brazil on an ATA Carnet! You can reach us at +1-702-800-6385 or by email at