International shipping is more challenging than it seems. You have to grapple with costly logistics and the different rules, regulations, and documentation, as every country has its own rules. Sending and receiving payments has also been a challenge after the upheaval of the Russian war in Ukraine.

That’s why employing the services of a professional, international logistics company like Landstar International Freight Services and its network of professional carrier partners is so crucial.

They take the hassle away from handling global logistics, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on schedule. Here are some detailed benefits of using Landstar carrier services for international shipping.

1. Wide Range of Transportation Services

When searching for the right international shipping provider, you want a company that can offer a wide range of reliable shipping services. These are some of the Landstar carrier services offered worldwide:

  • Air charter and freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Ocean freight services
  • Coordination of large-scale transportation projects

You can count on Landstar to take care of everything from pickup to delivery, as it operates in over 60 countries worldwide. So, please sit back, relax, and let us deliver your cargo as promised.

2. Tried and Tested Business Model

When you use Landstar’s carrier service for international shipping, you’re signing up a company using a tried and tested business model that’s helped millions move their goods worldwide for decades.

Landstar has an expansive team of experienced and independent specialists working around the clock to deliver your cargo. Our logistics network is a 21st-century marvel designed to meet every unique transportation need.

The team of independent businesses is highly motivated to provide customized carrier solutions, ensuring successful transportation of your shipment from start to finish.

3. Get the Best Prices

Thanks to Landstar’s carriers, you will enjoy access to the most competitive rates in the shipping industry. We can offer some of the lowest rates available because Landstar can take advantage of economies of scale. That means your shipment will cost less when you use our services than if you did it yourself.

4. Secure Operations

Landstar has always championed a safety-first culture. Landstar has a raft of proprietary technology to ensure safe shipment, providing peace of mind. One such tool is Landstar Clarity, a freight-tracking management tool. Clarity offers real-time updates, enhancing shipment tracking and visibility.

Landstar’s secure program ensures safe shipment at every step, as every carrier agent must adhere to these standards. Moreover, agents have the right equipment to handle your cargo safely. Indeed, Landstar carriers have a 99% claim-free cargo delivery record, and we purchase additional cargo insurance when needed.

5. Offer the Best Freight Rates

It may seem simple but keeping tabs on international freight rates is a full-time job. International freight rates change constantly since they depend on multiple variables, such as oil price changes, which route the cargo will use, and how you will pack the shipment.

Landstar has a vast network of agents with their ears on the ground and access to technology providing information on freight rates. That will help you get closer to securing the best freight rates.

Why You Should Use Landstar’s Carrier Services When Shipping Internationally

Employing a Landstar carrier service is the right move if you want to transport cargo internationally. One of the main benefits is a wide range of shipping services, including air and sea freight, in all major regions worldwide.

AMR Group offers a Landstar carrier service, which means reliable transportation, fair prices, and cargo tracking for enhanced safety. Contact us today to enjoy the benefits of using Landstar’s carriers for international shipping.