A Landstar trucking agency is an excellent freight alternative to manage your shipping needs during the busiest times of the year.

There are a couple of peak shipping seasons that can cause issues with your shipping times; the first occurs from January to February, and the second, longer peak shipping season lasts from the middle of August through mid-October.

These peak shipping seasons are caused by high consumer demand that encourages companies to produce more goods and retailers to order more inventory. Add in a few holidays that delay production times, and the peak shipping season can seriously impact your shipping timeframes and expenses.

Here’s what you need to know about beating the peak shipping season with a Landstar trucking partner.

A Landstar Trucking Agency is a Reliable Option

At AMR Group, we utilize the Landstar business model. The Landstar model uses a network of agents and capacity providers to provide customized transportation solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Landstar trucking providers are safe and secure so that you know your goods will arrive on time.

Some forwarding companies will reserve space on multiple carriers and cancel bookings at the last minute to reduce costs. This creates a negative relationship with carriers that can cause them to deny these bookings, potentially affecting your shipments.

The Landstar model has more than 30 years of experience ensuring that shipments are completed safely and on time.

Plan Ahead to Utilize More Affordable Shipping Options

Avoid putting yourself in a position where you need to deliver goods as quickly as possible. Plan ahead to anticipate your shipping needs and get the most benefits from a Landstar trucking company. If you can use a transit option with a longer shipping time, you can take advantage of lower prices and wider availability.

Even shipping options that only add a few days to your shipping times are usually more affordable and have more availability. A Landstar trucking partner offers numerous tools to help you determine if a shipping option is a viable option for your needs.

Depending on the route, shipments may have layover times that cause them to be batched with other shipments. Even though you pay more for a faster route, these layover times quickly erode your shipping times.

Understand the shipping route so that you can make an informed decision about paying a higher cost for faster shipping periods. When possible, make early arrangements for your shipping needs to ensure you don’t overpay for shipping.

Connect With AMR Group, a Trusted Landstar Trucking Agency

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