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Things to Consider When Choosing a Las Vegas Shipping Company

When considering a Las Vegas shipping company, it’s important to confirm that the company is the right fit for your needs. Using the right shipping company can help you lower your shipping costs, retain and attract customers, and allow you to grow your business. Here’s what you need to think about when choosing a Las Vegas shipping company.

Delivery Speed

Prompt delivery speed is important for optimizing the customer experience. Many customers want their orders as quickly as possible and are willing to pay more to expedite their stuff.

One option that will help you meet more of your customers’ needs is to offer a reliable shipping service for customers who are willing to wait a few days longer for their goods (such as truckload & LTL shipping) and a paid shipping alternative that expedites the shipping process (such as air freight).

Delivery Range

See that a potential Las Vegas shipping company can handle your delivery range and is familiar with handling these types of shipments.

For example, if most of your orders are sent to local destinations, you want a shipping company that knows how to be efficient while operating on a smaller scale.

Or, if you send a lot of international shipments, you’ll need a reputable shipping company with experience fulfilling overseas shipments and an established international network.

The Company’s Tracking Capabilities

Customers appreciate having the ability to track the progress of their shipments; unfortunately, it’s an area where many companies fall short.

Going with a Las Vegas shipping company that offers a user-friendly tracking experience can provide you and your customers with peace of mind about their orders.

Delivery Costs

A potential company should offer a cost-effective delivery alternative that meets your needs and those of your customers. You need to manage your shipping costs, but cheaper isn’t always better.

Instead, look for a company that offers stellar service and affordable prices to better serve your company. When it’s time to integrate your delivery expenses into your product costs, make sure to do so in a way that’s acceptable to your customers.

Some customers hate paying for shipping for any reason, while others are okay with an additional shipping fee. Do your research to see if it’s better to build in shipping costs into your item price or keep the expense as a separate charge.

Get a Quote from a Top Las Vegas Shipping Company

AMR Group is a reliable Las Vegas shipping company with experience handling domestic and international shipments. Contact us at 702-800-6385 to request a rate for air freight, sea freight or truckload & LTL shipping today.

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The Domino Effects of a Dock Worker Strike on Supply Chains


When you rely on shipping to transport your goods, a dock worker strike has the potential to disrupt your operations. On July 1st, 2022, US workers across 29 ports saw their contacts expire. In 2014, the US faced slower dock operations for nine months during contract negotiations, and it eventually took intervention from the government for operations to return to normal.

Supply chains are already under stress due to pandemic-related challenges and increased consumer spending. Here’s what you need to know about the impact of a dock worker strike on supply chains.

The Issues Caused by a Dock Worker Strike

Though dock workers in the US aren’t currently striking, if they can’t agree to an acceptable contract, strikes and intentional dock slowdowns become a possibility.

A dock worker strike or workplace slowdown prevents ports from running efficiently and at full capacity. As arrivals to US ports are delayed, this will cause international issues with supply chains. These delays can take weeks or even months for the supply chain to fully recover from.

Delays in shipping and processing goods aren’t immediately counteracted even if dock workers agree to a contract. Instead, it takes time and extra resources to transport goods to their destinations.

How AMR Group Can Help Mitigate the Effects of a Dock Worker Strike

AMR Group offers numerous shipping services to better handle our clients’ shipping needs. This allows us to continue to ship and transport goods efficiently, even when we’re faced with a murky shipping environment.

If a strike or worker slowdown occurs, we can help you adjust your shipping methods to minimize the impact on your operations.

We also have a partnership with Landstar Agency to expand our international network; Landstar Agency is a global transportation company with a worldwide network of shipping agents. If one shipping plan will potentially be impacted by a dock worker strike, our partnership provides more options for your shipping needs.

Create a Plan to Mitigate the Effects of a Strike

Want to make sure you have a plan for minimizing the impact of a dock worker strike on your supply chain? Contact AMR Group at 702-800-6385 to request a rate.

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What Shipping Documents Are Required to Ship Internationally?

You have goods that you need to ship internationally , and you want to make sure you have the proper shipping documents so that your items arrive as quickly as possible at their destination.

Even overlooking a single document can cause delays in your shipping times. Check that you have the following shipping documents correctly prepared for your international shipments.

Commercial or Proforma Invoices

You’ll hear the terms commercial invoice and proforma invoice used interchangeably, but they both refer to the preliminary bill of sale. The preliminary bill of sale is one of the shipping documents sent before the shipment to the shipper from the shipping company; it includes the shipping weight, shipping dates, and info about the shipment.

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading (BOL) specifies how the goods are being transported and the route that they’re taking. It also serves as a contract between the shipper and freight company.

Packing List

A packing list is a detailed document that specifies what items are inside the shipment, the quantity, dimensions, and size of each item, and where the cargo is going.

You need a packing list for each container that you’re shipping.

Shipper’s Letter of Instructions

The shipper’s letter of instructions (SLI) serves as instructions that accompany the BOL. It provides the name and address of the consignor and shipper, the cargo’s destination, and a description of the goods in the shipment.

An SLI can also give a freight forwarder authority to act on your behalf regarding shipping matters.

Automated Export System Filing

An automated export system (AES) filing is typically required for exports with a value of $2,500 or more per item. This shipping document is filed online.

Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin (CO) certifies that your goods have been produced or manufactured in a specific country. It’s required when shipping to certain destinations to ensure your goods meet trade and cargo requirements.

International Commercial Terms

International commercial terms are rules that define the responsibilities of the buyers and sellers.

Safety Data Sheet

The safety data sheet (SDS) is a shipping document that provides information about safely handling and transporting chemicals that are potentially hazardous.

Operational Instructions

Operational instructions aren’t actual forms, but markings and labels concerning the safe handling of your shipment.

Have Additional Questions About Shipping Documents or International Shipping?

AMR Groups provides all necessary shipping documents and shipping services to safely and securely, ship your goods to any destination on time and budget. Contact AMR Group at 702-800-6385 to request a rate today.

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3 Advantages of Using a Freight Forwarder

Thinking about using a freight forwarder? Do you find that your company is having issues navigating the logistical problems that can arise when shipping your goods? Or, are you worried that you’re paying too much for lengthy shipping timeframes?

A freight forwarder can help you ensure your goods reach their destination as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Check out a few advantages associated with using a freight forwarder for your shipping needs.

1. You’ll Have More Flexibility When Shipping Your Goods

Freight forwarders have experience promptly navigating any issues that may arise when shipping goods. They also have established relationships with international carriers allowing them to negotiate favorable deals.

Their expertise and industry connections are invaluable for giving you more flexibility when it’s time to ship and transport your goods.

For example, a freight forwarder will let you know about shipping opportunities you may be overlooking that can help lower your costs or get your items to their destination quicker.

They’ll also make sure you’re using the most efficient shipping methods in your budget that meet your industry standards. If you need to make changes to your shipping schedule, your freight forwarder will work to ensure these changes are made as stress-free as possible.

2. Your Documentation Will Be Complete

When shipping goods internationally, there are a lot of documents needed to make sure your goods clear customs in a timely manner.

Your freight forwarder will confirm you don’t inadvertently overlook any paperwork, and that your documentation is properly filled out. Missing or improperly completed documents can drastically stall the shipping process.

3. Your Goods Are More Secure

Using a freight forwarder to handle your shipping needs can give you peace of mind that your goods will arrive at their destination unscathed. Not only can cargo potentially be damaged during the shipping process, there’s also a risk of theft or items getting lost.

Freight forwarders supervise the logistics of shipping and make sure your items are safely loaded and unloaded. They’ll also stick with reputable carriers who are less likely to misplace or damage your items.

If you want to purchase shipping insurance for additional protection, your freight forwarder can help you get the coverage you need to properly protect your goods.

Connect with a Premier Freight Forwarder

Want to learn more about how a freight forwarder can assist with your shipping needs? Contact AMR Group by phone at 702-800-6385 for a shipping rate today!

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The Top Benefits of Using Sea Freight Shipping for Your Business

When shipping goods to international locations, sea freight shipping is an affordable, reliable alternative that will ensure your shipments arrive at their intended destination. Though ocean shipping is one of the world’s oldest modes of transportation, it’s an excellent choice for many companies. Here are a few of the benefits of using sea freight shipping.

You Can Use Sea Freight for Almost Any Shipment

A terrific thing about sea freight is that it can be used to transport nearly any shipment, regardless of the size. It’s also an effective solution for transporting items across the globe to areas that may not be easily accessible with other shipping methods.

Sea Freight is Efficient

Whether you need bulky, oversized items or a huge quantity of smaller goods, sea freight is an efficient shipping alternative. You can group multiple shipments together to lower your shipping costs. Since cargo vessels are designed to transport goods, they’re a great option for moving a large shipment.

Shipping Via Sea Freight is Safe

If you need to ship items that are potentially hazardous, ocean freight is a safe option for your needs. Freight ships must follow multiple rules and regulations that ensure conceivably dangerous goods are properly handled.

There’s also a low likelihood of theft or loss when using sea freight, as the shipping containers are sealed and locked to keep goods and materials safe.

Sea Freight Can Help You Lower Shipping Costs

Prevent shipping expenses from eroding your profits by using an economical shipping method like sea freight. It’s usually significantly cheaper to ship items via ocean freight, and you can save even more money by sharing space on a freight ship with other shippers.

Sea Freight is Environmentally Friendly

Consumers are increasingly utilizing companies that use business practices that lower their impact on the environment. Sea shipping has a lower carbon footprint when compared to other shipping methods, like air freight or freight trucks.

Many of the ships used for sea freight shipping have low emissions, especially when you consider how many goods these ships are transporting. New technological advancements are continuing to minimize the impact of ocean freight shipping on the environment.

On Time Sea Freight Shipping With AMR Group’s Worldwide Logistics Services

Shipping your goods with sea freight is an efficient, affordable, safe mode of transport. Ready to learn more about how sea freight shipping can benefit your company? Visit AMR Group online or give us a call at (702)800-6385 to request a rate today!

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Top 4 Options to Consider for Cargo Transportation

When you’re planning the shipment process for your goods, one detail to consider is the method of transportation you use to transport your cargo. Here are some of the top options for cargo transportation that may fit your company’s needs.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is a popular option for shipping goods long distances and depending on the intended destination, it may be the only cargo transportation you can use for certain locations.

Though sea freight is cheaper than other transportation methods, it does take longer to transport your goods. However, there are no limitations regarding your cargo’s size and weight, making it ideal for heavy, bulky items.

There’s also less of an environmental impact when using sea freight for your cargo transport.

Air Freight

Air freight is a fast method of transport that’s ideal for companies using “just-in-time” inventory management. It’s also an effective mode of cargo transportation for perishable or time-sensitive items.

With air freight, cargo is handled less, so there’s a lower chance of your goods being damaged or stolen while in transit.

A downside to air freight is that it’s usually more expensive than other shipping methods. Large, heavy items or potentially volatile items may also not be eligible for air freight. There are also some destinations that aren’t accessible via air freight.

Road Freight

Road freight (truckload & LTL shipping) is an efficient transport method for short and long distances that allows goods to be moved across multiple states or countries. It’s a cost-effective and efficient way to transport items, even to rural areas.

However, road freight isn’t an option for most destinations that are separated by a body of water (unless there’s a bridge or ferry). Road freight is frequently affected by external conditions, like traffic and weather. There are also limitations concerning the size and weight of items you can transport via road freight.

Multimodal Freight

Multimodal freight involves the use of more than one mode of transport for your cargo transportation. This option allows you to make your shipping plan as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Your company can save a lot of money on shipping expenses while still transporting items in a timely fashion. You can also easily adjust your transportation plans so that they’re a better fit for your recipient.

Start Planning Your Cargo Transportation

Ready to learn more about services for your cargo transportation? Connect with AMR Group online or by phone at 702-800-6385 to get more info or request a shipping rate.

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Shipping Internationally? Info You Need to Know

When you’re shipping internationally, it’s essential to understand international logistics to help you select an affordable shipping option that fits your time constraints. This helps you be competitive in your industry, lower your expenses, and better serve your customers. Here’s what you need to know about shipping internationally.

You Should Consider Multiple Factors When Choosing a Shipping Option

There are numerous shipping methods you can use for international shipping, including sea freight, air freight, and ground shipping. When deciding what option to use, there’s no steadfast rule to follow.

Instead, you want to think about your budget, time constraints, and reliability needs to pick the best shipping mode for your needs. You may even need to use multiple shipping methods when shipping your goods to certain destinations.

The Transportation Process Has Multiple Steps

A lot happens after you ship your goods; after you and your freight forwarders decide on the best shipping methods to use for your items, they’ll load the goods onto the plane, truck, or ship.

Once your goods reach a destination port, they have to go through customs. Then, they’re transported to their intended destination.

This process takes time, but there are a few ways you can expedite your shipping times. Make sure that your shipment adheres to the recipient country’s laws and regulations and confirm that any shipping documentation is included an properly filled out.

Using Warehousing to Lower Shipping Costs

If you’re finding that there’s a consistent demand in a specific country or region, one way to lower your shipping costs and reduce your transport times is to utilize a warehouse or fulfillment center in this area.

Having a fulfillment center that’s closer to your intended destination shortens your shipping times and expenses and can help you avoid customs and tariffs (if the warehousing center is in the same country that you’re shipping to). A trusted global freight forwarder, like AMR Group, will often have global coverage and relationships with local experts and partners to ensure shipments reach their final destination without a hitch.

Customs Fees and Import Duties Can Increase Your Total Shipping Costs

In addition to the cost of shipping your goods, you need to include any customs or import duties that are due on your shipments when calculating your shipping expenses. If the customer needs to pay duties on the goods to take possession of them, make sure that they’re aware of this.

Otherwise, the shipment may sit unclaimed and the customer will never get their goods.

Shipping Internationally Made Easy

AMR Group is a trusted global freight forwarder that ships to more than 60 countries. Ready to start shipping internationally? Visit AMR Group online or give us a call at (702)800-6385 to request a rate.

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Truckload vs. LTL Shipping: Deciding Which Option is Right for You

When shipping your goods, it’s important to consider multiple factors when deciding if LTL shipping or truckload shipping is the best option for your company. Here’s what you need to know about these two popular shipping options to make an informed decision.

Truckload Shipping

Truckload shipping means that you use a single truck to move your items from your starting point to your final destination. There are no stops along the way, and your items are the only things on the truck.

Benefits of Truckload Shipping

Truckload shipping is considered the fastest shipping method, once your truck is in transit. Since your goods remain on one trailer the whole trip, there’s less handling which means they’re less likely to be broken or damaged during their journey.

Downsides to Truckload Shipping

It can take time to have enough goods to fill up an entire truck. This means that even though your shipping time itself is shorter, you may not be able to make shipments as frequently.

LTL Shipping

LTL (less than truckload) shipping means that you share space on a truck with other shippers. Once your goods are loaded, they don’t travel directly to their destination.

Instead, the truck will likely make additional stops along the way to pick up items from other shippers. Your goods may be unloaded and rearranged several times during their shipment

Benefits of LTL Shipping

LTL shipping allows you to make smaller shipments more frequently since you’re able to share trailer space with other shippers.

You only pay for the portion of the trailer that you use, making LTL shipping a cost-effective alternative.

Disadvantages of LTL Shipping

Your shared truck will make multiple stops along its routes, which means that your goods will take slightly longer to reach their destination.

The frequent rearranging of your goods can cause them to be more likely to be damaged or lost while in transit. However, when using a reputable shipping company, your goods are most likely to arrive in their original condition.

Choosing Your Shipping Method

Your ideal shipping method will depend on how much you’re shipping, how comfortable you are having the items handled multiple times, and your preferred shipping speed.

If you have a truck full of goods and want to send them as quickly as possible, truckload shipping is your best option. When you have a small shipment that you want to send as soon as possible at an affordable rate, LTL shipping will allow you to do so.

Learn More About LTL Shipping and Truckload Shipping

Have more questions about when to use LTL shipping and when to opt for truckload shipping or other shipping methods? Contact AMR Group Logistics Worldwide at 702-800-6385 for more info or to request a quote.

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The Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

Air freight shipping is a fast, convenient delivery option that will ensure your shipments safely reach their destinations on your timetable. Whether you’re concerned about your shipments getting lost during the delivery process or your deliveries getting lost before they reach their final destination, air freight is an excellent solution for many of your shipping concerns. Here are some of the top advantages of air freight shipping.

Air Freight is a Fast Shipping Option

One of the top advantages of opting for air transportation is the speed at which your deliveries can reach their destinations. If you’re searching for a shipping method that offers dependable same-day or next-day delivery, air freight is a terrific shipping method to make sure your deliveries arrive on schedule.

Air Freight is a Reliable Shipping Alternative

With air freight, it’s rare for deliveries to go missing. When you ship your goods, your air freight company will provide you with a website to track the location of your cargo. You can see when your cargo departs, its location during shipping, and when it reaches its destination.

Air cargo airlines adhere to a strict arrival and departure schedule. While other shipping methods are easily impacted by traffic and other logistical issues that can cause delays, air freight is less likely to be impacted by those scheduling issues.

Air Freight is a Cost-Effective Shipping Solution

Shipping expenses comprise a significant expense for many companies. If you’re looking to maximize the value of your shipping expenditures, air freight shipping will help you do so.

Since your goods travel via cargo plane, they’re able to ship in lightweight packaging that needs less packing materials. Thanks to the reliability of air freight, you can often lower your insurance premiums to mitigate the costs associated with air cargo transportation.

Air Freight is a Secure Method for Transporting Your Goods

Any items that travel via air cargo are subject to strict regulations and screenings. The hubs that receive air freight shipments are monitored and secured, decreasing the chances that your shipments are stolen, damaged, or go missing. The shorter transit times also boost the security of your shipments.

Air Freight Allows You to Ship to More Destinations

Another advantage of air freight shipping is that it expands your company’s footprint. Your company can rapidly transport its goods to areas that might otherwise be too time-consuming to reach.

Air Freight Shipping Available Now AT AMR Group

AMR Group offers domestic and international air freight shipping, including Next Flight Out, Next-Say, Second Day or Economy Service. We are available to assist you 24/7 from start to finish to ensure all of your shipments are shipped on time. Ready to use air freight for your shipping needs? Contact AMR Group online or give us a call at 702-800-6385 to request a rate today!

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What Is the Best Way to Ship Internationally?

There are several factors to consider before selecting a method to ship internationally. Furthermore, choosing the wrong method can affect your logistics. Your shipping method should be suitable for your business, affordable and reliable. The information below is a guide to help you decide between air, sea and land for international shipping.

How fast do you need it?

Time is money in logistics. The delivery duration affects your timelines, client deadlines, customers, and goods production. Air freight parcel delivery is often faster than sea freight and truckload shipping. Furthermore, airlines are available globally, which enhances international shipping.

For instance, the transit time for air freight is often just a few days and as short as a couple of hours for faster air couriers.

If you want fast turnaround times for imports, manufacture, distribution, retail, and any part of your supply chain, choose a reliable global freight forwarder to collect and deliver items to your warehouses and your customers’ doorsteps.

What Are You Shipping?

The weight, size and volume of goods you are shipping affect how you can ship internationally. If you need to move light and small packages, air transport is suitable to ship internationally. Air carriers are also ideal for special and fragile goods.

However, if you are shipping large volumes of goods or moving heavy objects, truckload & LTL shipping, as well as sea shipping are also reliable options. Often, sea and land transport work together.

How much does it cost?

When you can flexibly choose between different methods of transport, costs become a crucial factor. You cannot ship internationally if you cannot afford available transport methods and companies. Therefore, it’s best to choose the method that costs you the least, not only in transport costs but also in other business costs.

Suppose you can ship goods to the customer’s doorstep through the air within three days or through the sea in two weeks. Assume that it’s also cheaper to ship via sea than air, but it takes an incredibly long waiting period. However, if your competition can offer the same goods in two days or lower, you’ll lose customers. In such a case, it’s sustainable to ship by air.

Remember that costs vary depending on the number and weight of the transported goods. Investigate the carrier charges and any extra charges in forwarding your freight internationally. Generally, the following rules apply:

  • Airlines charge based on weight, which is found by combining the weight and size of the shipment.
  • Sea carriers charge per container but can also use weight.
  • Rail and road carriers charge based on distance and size.

When shipping internationally, remember there will always be customs and destination fees. In addition, there may be warehousing fees, repackaging fees, and other costs involved in the shipping process.

Are they reliable?

You need a reliable transport method that is adequately predictable for your needs. Air is your best option if you count down shipments and deliveries to the day and hour. Most airlines and carriers adhere to strict schedules. However, if you can wait weeks for packages without disrupting your supply chain, shipping via sea freight or truckload & LTL shipping may also be suitable options.

Ship Internationally to More than 60 Countries at AMR Group

Ultimately, the best way to ship internationally depends on your business needs. AMR Group Logistics Worldwide helps you ship goods efficiently and quickly internationally. We handle air freight, sea freight, and truckload and LTL shipping. Contact us online or by phone at 702-800-6385 to ship your products to any corner of the globe!

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