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Top Shipping Options Offered by Las Vegas Freight Companies

Top Shipping Options Offered by Las Vegas Freight Companies

When shipping your products, it’s important for freight companies to deliver your goods on time and in good condition. Understanding some of the most popular shipping practices will help you make sure you’re selecting the best shipping alternative for your freight. Here’s what you need to know about popular shipping solutions offered by freight companies in Las Vegas.

You Can Use Multiple Shipping Methods for More Efficient Shipping Times

If you’re shipping goods internationally or long distances, it’s usually best to utilize multiple shipping methods to expedite your shipments and minimize your shipping expenses. 

For example, air shipping is a fast option, but it tends to cost more than other alternatives. You might reserve air shipping for emergency shipments or perishable products.

 Train or rail shipping is an economical solution that’s easy to use with other shipping methods, like truckload shipping. Truckload shipping is an excellent alternative if you’re shipping bulky or heavy items. 

Using ocean freight companies allows you to move large quantities of goods for an affordable price. Once your goods are back on land, you can use another shipping option to complete the delivery.

A Freight Brokerage Service Can Streamline Your Shipping Operations and Reduce Your Expenses

Instead of trying to handle all your shipping work on your own, outsource the job to an experienced freight brokerage service, like AMR Group.

Working with a freight brokerage service ensures that you understand your freight options, along with the cost, benefits, and disadvantages of each alternative.

Your freight brokerage service can also handle the paperwork required for your goods to smoothly move through customers, along with calculating any tariffs or surcharges owed for your goods. 

Working with knowledgeable freight companies helps your shipping process function as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. 

Learn More About How Freight Companies Can Enhance Your Shipping Processes

Ready to overhaul your shipping procedures so that they suit your company’s growth and future goals? Contact AMR Group to request a rate.

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Tips on Implementing the Best Shipping for Small Businesses

Tips on Implementing the Best Shipping for Small Businesses

As a small business, you need effective shipping for small businesses to ensure your strategy meets your customers’ needs. When crafting your shipping plan, you need to include multiple factors, including cost, reliability, and functionality. All of these components play an important role in helping you build stronger relationships with your customers. Here’s what you need to know about implementing efficient shipping for small businesses.

Address the Shipping Challenges That Plague Your Business

Every business faces unique shipping challenges that they need to overcome. Perhaps you struggle with finding cost-effective options for international shipping, or maybe you’re not sure how to leverage bulk shipping discounts. 

You need to consider strategies that assist you with fixing these common shipping issues, so they don’t impact your growth, profits, or customer satisfaction.

Understand the Benefits of Multi-Carrier Shipping for Your Business

There are several benefits associated with using multi-carrier shipping, including lower shipping costs, faster transit times, and a wider range of locations that your business can deliver to.

Using a selection of shipping companies, instead of a single carrier, provides you with more shipping options and ensures that bottlenecks don’t slow the transit of your goods. You’ll also ultimately have more control and flexibility over your shipping procedures, allowing you to better serve your customers.  

Embrace Cost-Effective Shipping Practices

High shipping costs can quickly erode your profits and interfere with your company’s ability to grow. Look for options that help you minimize your shipping costs, like increasing your volume with specific carriers to procure a discount or using packaging procedures that help you reduce the weight of your shipments. 

Shipping from a centralized location, like a distribution warehouse, can also assist you with streamlining your operations, shortening your transit times, and lowering your shipping costs.

Get More Info About Efficient Shipping for Small Businesses

Ready to improve your shipping practices to lower your costs, increase customer satisfaction, and build stronger relationships? Contact AMR Group today to learn more about our shipping solutions.

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Landstar: The Importance of Logistics in E-Commerce

Landstar: The Importance of Logistics in the E-Commerce Industry

Logistics plays a crucial role in e-commerce. Although most parts of the transactions occur electronically, you still need to ship physical products to customers using conventional transportation means.

Therefore, logistics is the congregation of different processes such as inventory management, packaging, labeling, billing, warehousing shipping, exchange, payment collection, and return. These processes put together are an exigent task requiring a full-proof logistics strategy.

Logistics also requires thorough knowledge of territories, transport laws, the regulation regarding the movement of goods, roads and road conditions, and other aspects of shipping involved. This article looks at the importance of e-commerce logistics and third-party professional e-commerce fulfillment services like Landstar logistics.

Key Aspects of E-Commerce Logistics Systems

In e-commerce, logistics systems are software applications designed to automate the complex processes of transporting goods from one place to another. Logistics systems have built-in capabilities to replace manual systems because these processes are unsustainably complicated and monotonous when done by humans.

As a result, third-party fulfillment providers use these logistics systems to manage virtually all aspects of the supply chain. Additionally, integrating the applications allows users to share and view information on a single dashboard.

Why Consider Logistics Systems in your E-Commerce Supply Chain?

Logistics systems are essential in the e-commerce industry for companies pursuing an agile management strategy. This efficient approach allows the e-commerce industry to survive and thrive in the highly competitive sector. Unfortunately, using legacy systems like spreadsheets alone to track orders costs money and time in the long run because of human error and inaccuracy issues.

The essence of logistics systems in the e-commerce industry is increasingly becoming apparent to businesses of all sizes. Supply chains can be unreliable, and companies need the flexibility to pivot when needed. Thus, logistics systems reduce the effect of interruptions.

The software automates crucial tasks and provides critical analytical data that aids decision-making. These systems can also play a significant role in scaling your business.

Types of Logistics Systems

Below are the types of logistics systems available:

  1. Order management systems: These are needed for order processing operations, and many use automation to satisfy order placement online. They are instrumental in creating shipping labels, routing orders to their designated fulfillment centers, tracking orders throughout the shipment process, and managing sales channels on one platform.
  2. Warehouse management systems: This software package helps manage most fulfillment warehouse activities. Having 3PL Landstar Logistics is an advantage because they will handle the warehouse management system for you. In addition, it assures you of industry expertise, access to the latest technology, state-of-the-art security, and order fulfillment efficiency.
  3. Inventory planning and management: Although the software cannot do physical inventory management, it automates many tedious processes allowing you to deal with customer orders efficiently.
  4. Transport management systems: E-commerce businesses must organize their transport management systems to ensure they handle all known complexities of routing deliveries.
  5. Returns management systems: These systems ensure stress-free and efficient returns management. E-commerce businesses must provide a quick turnaround to ensure customers get refunds quickly and make returns easier. They also need to know the prevalence and actual costs of returns.

Why Hire a Logistics Service Provider for Your E-commerce Business?

The principal purpose of logistics is to deliver parcels faster, safer, and more accurately. Today, logistics systems have become an invaluable aspect of the e-commerce industry because they facilitate the seamless movement of goods to and from customers.

Logistics solutions support e-commerce businesses by taking care of processes outside their area of expertise. Hence, working with a good 3PL service provider like AMR Group providing Landstar logistics improves your supply chain management and gives you a competitive edge. Contact us today.

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Innovations in Landstar Shipping and Logistics

Innovations in Landstar Shipping and Logistics

Efficient and effective logistics management is critical for success in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment. Inefficient businesses lose as much as 30% in revenue yearly.

And nowhere is this more amplified than in the logistics industry. As a result, logistics businesses across the globe are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to streamline their shipping and logistics processes.

One company that has been at the forefront of these efforts is Landstar, a leading provider of transportation and logistics services. In recent years, Landstar has invested significantly in cutting-edge technologies, developing innovative solutions that enhanced its shipping and logistics capabilities.

This article will highlight some of Landstar’s most notable operational innovations and how these forward-thinking advancements have helped the company stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly complex and competitive industry.

Advanced Technologies and Data Analytics

Landstar has invested in advanced technologies such as:

  • Agent analytics: Helps agents better manage their business, providing access to graphs and real-time data on revenue, customers, productivity, and prediction analysis.
  • Landstar Maximizer: Assists owner-operators to find optimal loads.
  • Pricing tools: For the agents who need real-time data on historical and current pricing, helping them react fast to market trends.
  • Landstar One app: Provides owner-operators access to, Available Loads apps, LCAPP fuel savings, and the Landstar Maximizer.

These technologies enable Landstar partners to gain real-time visibility into their operations, identify inefficiencies, and optimize routes and schedules for improved efficiency and cost savings.

Shipping Screens

Shipping screens are a digital display system used in Landstar Shipping and Logistics to provide accurate information about the status of shipments and logistics processes.

These Landstar shipping screens typically display data such as shipment locations, expected delivery times, inventory levels, and other critical information essential for effective logistics management.

You will typically find Landstar shipping screens connected to a centralized logistics management system, which collects data from various sources, such as GPS tracking devices, barcode scanners, and other automated systems.

One of the key benefits of shipping screens is that they enable real-time monitoring of shipping and logistics processes. That empowers logistics managers to quickly identify and respond to any issues or delays. Additionally, this helps minimize the risk of costly delays or disruptions, ensuring shipments are delivered on time and within budget.

Safety Compliance Initiatives

Landstar strongly emphasizes safety compliance in all of its operations. The company has implemented a range of safety and compliance initiatives, including training programs, safety inspections, and rigorous quality control processes to ensure safe and secure shipment delivery and remain in compliance with industry regulations.

Enhanced Customer Service and Freight Visibility

Landstar has invested in tools and technologies that enable its customers to track and monitor their shipments, providing greater transparency and visibility into the shipping process. Enhanced visibility helps improve customer satisfaction and increase trust in Landstar’s services.

Collaboration with Strategic Partners

Landstar has partnered with various strategic partners, including logistics consulting firms and technology providers, to develop innovative solutions to complex logistics challenges.

The partnerships have helped Landstar stay at the forefront of industry trends and implement new solutions faster and more effectively. One such collaboration is with AMR Group, a freight shipping company providing reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions.

The company offers various transportation services, including air, sea, and road freight, as well as customs brokerage and warehousing solutions. Through AMR Group, Landstar offers multiple shipping options to its customers, whatever their cargo sizes. 

In Closing

With a strong focus on technology, safety, and sustainability, Landstar has developed shipping and logistics solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Landstar continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the logistics industry. 

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The Pros and Cons of Air and Sea Freight Shipping

In today’s global economy, fast and reliable shipping plays a key role in many businesses. That’s because 41% of customers say they hoped for same-day delivery, while nearly 25% expect to receive their packages within two hours.

That forces companies to continually seek the most efficient and cost-effective shipping methods to transport their products. It is a nerve-wracking undertaking, considering 69% of consumers will not return if you do not deliver a package within two days of the delivery date.

Two of the most popular options for international freight transportation include air and sea freight shipping. Whichever one you pick will depend on your business’s unique needs, so here’s a look at their benefits and downsides.

Air Freight Shipping

These are the pros and cons of using air freight shipping:



Of all the shipping methods available, air freight shipping is the fastest. Goods often reach their destination within a couple of days of departure. It is the best option for urgent and time-sensitive goods.


It is a secure shipping method because of the strict security measures at airports. There is a lower risk of theft and damage to goods than other shipping methods.


Unforeseen emergencies aside, like severe bad weather, most airlines are highly reliable with regard to their arrival and departure times. That makes it easier for companies to confidently lay out a shipping schedule.


Air freight is available to many destinations globally, including hard-to-reach, remote areas.

Little need for warehousing

Because air freight offers quick transit times, there is a reduced need for local warehousing. Airlines have efficient cargo handlers and customs clearance officers who ensure cargo clearance within hours.

Easy tracking of goods

Most air freight service providers offer clients a way to track their goods in real-time and correctly estimate their arrival.



Because of the speed, fuel, tight security measures, and costly fuel and maintenance costs, air shipping is expensive.

Size and weight restriction

Because there’s a limit to what planes can carry, airline companies often have strict weight and size restrictions. Air freight shipping is not suitable for larger or heavier shipments.

Subject to delays or cancellations

Cancellations often happen due to choppy weather.

Sea Freight Shipping

Here are the pros and cons of sea freight shipping:



This is the most affordable shipping method for large shipments.


More environmentally friendly than air freight shipping. Ships have lower carbon emissions.


A large carrying capacity makes sea shipping the best option for heavy cargo.



Sea freight shipping takes longer than air shipping. Goods typically take weeks to arrive at their destination.


It’s not readily available to all destinations, specifically landlocked areas far removed from major ports.

Risk of damage

Goods transported using sea freight are susceptible to damage from water and salt, especially during rough weather conditions.

Difficulty in tracking

It is easier to track goods shipped by air than those shipped by sea.

In Finishing

Choosing a type of shipping greatly impacts your business. While air freight offers security and speed, it comes at a higher cost and has size and weight restrictions. On the other hand, sea freight shipping is more cost-effective and is perfect for bulky items, but it is slower.

When choosing a form of transportation, consider the needs of your business, the size, and the weight of the goods you need to transport.

Whether you need air or sea transportation, look no further than AMR Group. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large package; we’re a trusted name in the global freight forwarding industry that will get it to your preferred destination, domestic or internationally, in time and with zero failure.

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Benefits of a Landstar Carrier for International Shipping

International shipping is more challenging than it seems. You have to grapple with costly logistics and the different rules, regulations, and documentation, as every country has its own rules. Sending and receiving payments has also been a challenge after the upheaval of the Russian war in Ukraine.

That’s why employing the services of a professional, international logistics company like Landstar International Freight Services and its network of professional carrier partners is so crucial.

They take the hassle away from handling global logistics, ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on schedule. Here are some detailed benefits of using Landstar carrier services for international shipping.

1. Wide Range of Transportation Services

When searching for the right international shipping provider, you want a company that can offer a wide range of reliable shipping services. These are some of the Landstar carrier services offered worldwide:

  • Air charter and freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Ocean freight services
  • Coordination of large-scale transportation projects

You can count on Landstar to take care of everything from pickup to delivery, as it operates in over 60 countries worldwide. So, please sit back, relax, and let us deliver your cargo as promised.

2. Tried and Tested Business Model

When you use Landstar’s carrier service for international shipping, you’re signing up a company using a tried and tested business model that’s helped millions move their goods worldwide for decades.

Landstar has an expansive team of experienced and independent specialists working around the clock to deliver your cargo. Our logistics network is a 21st-century marvel designed to meet every unique transportation need.

The team of independent businesses is highly motivated to provide customized carrier solutions, ensuring successful transportation of your shipment from start to finish.

3. Get the Best Prices

Thanks to Landstar’s carriers, you will enjoy access to the most competitive rates in the shipping industry. We can offer some of the lowest rates available because Landstar can take advantage of economies of scale. That means your shipment will cost less when you use our services than if you did it yourself.

4. Secure Operations

Landstar has always championed a safety-first culture. Landstar has a raft of proprietary technology to ensure safe shipment, providing peace of mind. One such tool is Landstar Clarity, a freight-tracking management tool. Clarity offers real-time updates, enhancing shipment tracking and visibility.

Landstar’s secure program ensures safe shipment at every step, as every carrier agent must adhere to these standards. Moreover, agents have the right equipment to handle your cargo safely. Indeed, Landstar carriers have a 99% claim-free cargo delivery record, and we purchase additional cargo insurance when needed.

5. Offer the Best Freight Rates

It may seem simple but keeping tabs on international freight rates is a full-time job. International freight rates change constantly since they depend on multiple variables, such as oil price changes, which route the cargo will use, and how you will pack the shipment.

Landstar has a vast network of agents with their ears on the ground and access to technology providing information on freight rates. That will help you get closer to securing the best freight rates.

Why You Should Use Landstar’s Carrier Services When Shipping Internationally

Employing a Landstar carrier service is the right move if you want to transport cargo internationally. One of the main benefits is a wide range of shipping services, including air and sea freight, in all major regions worldwide.

AMR Group offers a Landstar carrier service, which means reliable transportation, fair prices, and cargo tracking for enhanced safety. Contact us today to enjoy the benefits of using Landstar’s carriers for international shipping.

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What Are Domestic Logistics Services?

Domestic logistics refers to the planning and executing of transportation services, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services from their origin to their final destination within the same country. It is a crucial industry responsible for handling the 5.56 trillion ton-miles of freight in 2020

Done appropriately, logistics facilitates the shipment of any sizeable product by utilizing a coordinated procedure that incorporates information flow, inventory production, goods handling, transportation, and warehousing.

The entire operation includes tracking, monitoring, and coordinating the movement of goods or services from their origins until delivery to the client. In domestic supply chain management, all manufacturing and transporting occur within national borders.

Logistic Services for Domestic & International Shipping

Domestic logistics involves distribution within a country, whereas international shipping is the distribution across international borders. While the two operate by a different set of rules, they can’t exist without the other.

That’s why companies like AMR Group provide logistics services for domestic & international shipping, ensuring the seamless movement of your goods across borders.

Why Use Domestic Logistic Services

1. Risk Management

Supply chain risks are inevitable, but some domestic logistics services companies have devised ways to address them. Most of these companies have invested in specialist technologies to foresee and prevent some risks. They also use tech that helps adjust their plans and spending to account for unpredictable events.

2. Saves Time

Working with a reliable logistics service company also helps you save valuable time, especially if time is of the essence for a consignment. If you find a trustworthy and reliable company with years of experience, they know the quickest way to achieve a fast delivery.

They are also familiar with local customs and regulations, so they will ship the goods faster than you would on your own.

3. Expertise

It is challenging for an individual or a business to build a team of experts well-versed in handling logistics and have the right equipment to deliver a consignment successfully. Reputable domestic logistic services providers will have just that.

To ensure the efficient distribution of your goods, the logistics services provider will monitor the supply chain and offer the most effective way to deliver a shipment. This degree of competence results from years of immersion in the field, and it is a level difficult for a startup enterprise to attain.

Logistics companies implement stringent screening procedures to find the most qualified candidates for each position in the division. As a result, they will staff experts familiar with the logistics operations. These factors are crucial for efficient multi-level execution, which is necessary for productive output.

4. Saves on Operating Expenses

Logistics service companies invest in vehicles, storage spaces, staff, and other items at scale. Working with such a logistics provider saves you money on operating expenses you would have needed to run a slimmed-down logistics department.

Engaging a logistics company also ensures you achieve desired results more effectively, as it is far more efficient than investing in expensive and underused infrastructure.

Work With AMR Group for All Your Logistics Services Needs

AMR Group is one of the best options for logistics management. We offer a wide variety of shipping options, and our years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge and resources to personalize logistical solutions for each client.

With over 60 countries as shipping destinations, AMR Group is a global powerhouse. We offer unparalleled logistics services thanks to our worldwide network of expert affiliates and representatives. AMR can handle any assignment, whether a small gift box or big cargo.

Contact us today at 702-800-6385 for more information or request a shipping quote for your next domestic logistics shipment.

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How to Get The Best Shipping Rates for Your Business

Whether you’re shipping goods across the country or around the globe, you want to make sure they arrive safely, and you don’t want to overpay. Getting the best shipping rates requires just a little bit of know-how. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Consider Truckload & LTL Shipping

When budget is a concern and you’re shipping within the U.S., truckload and LTL shipping are often the most cost-effective options. This allows you to get your goods to virtually any corner of the country without having to pay for air or sea freight services. If you’re not in a rush, choosing this option is one of the easiest ways to significantly lower your shipping rates.

Compare Costs of Air vs. Sea Freight

When your cargo is too large to be shipped by a traditional carrier or you’re transporting it overseas, you’ll typically need to choose either air or sea freight. When shipping large objects or large quantities, sea freight can be a far less expensive option. It’s common for shipping by sea to take an additional four to eight weeks, depending on your final destination. However, if you have the time, this can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

There is a time and place for air freight, for example when shipping items that are perishable or need to arrive quickly. However, if you’re trying to keep shipping costs down, this should be a last resort.

Get a Written Estimate

Many factors can influence your shipping rates and they can fluctuate quickly. Always request a written estimate before you book your services. When doing so, be sure to provide as much information as possible.

Consider uploading images or files to help ensure the shipper fully understands your needs. This is the best way to get an accurate quote. Requesting estimates from multiple shippers can also help you compare rates so you can feel confident you’re getting a competitive offer.

Plan Ahead

As a general rule, the longer you can wait for your shipment to arrive, the more options you have and the lower your shipping rates may be. While it’s impossible to plan every shipment in advance, giving yourself as much time as possible can save you money. This, along with proactively communicating with your shipper, may allow you to keep your rates down and could even give you the option to take advantage of seasonal or contract rates.

If you find yourself always ordering or shipping items in a rush, consider whether rethinking your strategy could allow you to take advantage of slower – and far less expensive – shipping options.

Choose the Right Shipper

Not all shippers are created equal and sometimes the lowest price doesn’t tell the whole story. While shipping rates are certainly important, there are some other important details to consider.

For example, you’ll want to look for a shipping company that offers truck, air, and sea freight. This way, you can develop a relationship with a single company and choose the option that works best for you each time. AMR Group offers each of these services, as well as door-to-destination service. Instead of worrying about the details, you can rely on us to handle everything from retrieving your items directly from your place of business to guaranteeing safe delivery to your final destination.

We also have an international network, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your shipment will remain with a single carrier throughout its entire journey. Contact us today to learn more and request a price quote.

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What Is Freight Transport and How Does It Work?

Freight transport, also known as freight shipping, refers to the transportation of large consignments of cargo by land, sea, or air. Freight shipments typically differ from parcel or courier shipments (FedEx and UPS) in the sense that they are larger than 150 pounds. Instead, they are transported via transportation modes with larger capacities – like a pallet weighing more than 150 pounds, a 53’ truck, or even a 40’ ocean container.

Modes Of Freight Shipping

Several modes are commonly used when it comes to freight shipping. These are:

·        Full Truckload (FTL)

Full truckload freight shipping refers to a transportation mode where a single truck (typically a 53 ft trailer) is responsible for transporting a large shipment from one location to another.

·        Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Less than truckload freight shipping is a mode that’s usually employed to transport cargo bigger than 150 pounds but not big enough to fill a 53’ truck. These loads are usually comprised of a couple of crates or pallets that weigh up to 5,000 pounds.

·        Partial Truckload

It is a freight shipping option that allows you to share the cost of a truck with other shippers thus saving on cost. This freight shipping mode is particularly advantageous if your shipment exceeds 5000 pounds.

·        Intermodal (ITML)

Intermodal freight transport entails the shipping of large cargo through two or more modes of transport without opening the container. An example of intermodal freight shipping is where cargo arrives in one location via rail and is then transported to the warehouse via instance truck and rail. This shipping method is not as reliable as a truck, but can still be very cost-effective and fuel efficient.

·        Expedited

Expedited freight shipping is a mode of transportation that aims to ship cargo in a time-sensitive manner. The most common vehicles employed in this mode are planes and trucks that have 2 drivers on board.

·        Sea Transport

Sea transport is one of the most popular modes of global freight shipping since it is less expensive compared to other modes and it also makes it possible for cargo to be shipped across continents.

·        Rail Freight

Rail freight shipping is a very cost-effective method for shipping cargo in instances where time isn’t a factor. This mode is commonly used for transporting large, heavy equipment and bulk items like chemicals or grain.

·        Air Freight

Air transport is the fastest way to move goods and cargo from one point to another. That said, this mode of freight shipping is very costly, which is why most shippers reserve it for very time-sensitive orders or smaller shipments.

Factors Determining Freight Shipping Rates

Several variables influence freight shipping prices. These include:

1.     Timing

As a general rule, time-sensitive cargo shipments are more costly to transport compared to slow-moving ones. As such, the more flexible you are with the delivery date, the cheaper your freight transport is likely to be.

2.     Distance

The amount of money you pay to ship your cargo also depends on the distance. For instance, freight shipping cargo across several states is more expensive compared to moving it within one state. Fuel is a factor when shipping over distance.

3.     Mode Of Transportation

As highlighted before, the mode of transportation you use has a huge bearing on the price of freight shipping. For instance, moving cargo via rail or truck is significantly cheaper than using an airplane.

4.     Size Of Shipment

The amount of space that your cargo takes up in the freight vehicle determines the price of transportation. In other words, you’ll pay more for shipping a whole container of cargo compared to a small package.

Freight transportation is critical when it comes to moving cargo from one location to another. No matter the mode of transportation that you use, freight shipping makes it possible to move your goods securely and cost-effectively. If you’re in need of freight shipping services, get in touch with AMR Group today to find a reliable and affordable transporter.

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Beat the Peak Shipping Season with a Landstar Trucking Agency

A Landstar trucking agency is an excellent freight alternative to manage your shipping needs during the busiest times of the year.

There are a couple of peak shipping seasons that can cause issues with your shipping times; the first occurs from January to February, and the second, longer peak shipping season lasts from the middle of August through mid-October.

These peak shipping seasons are caused by high consumer demand that encourages companies to produce more goods and retailers to order more inventory. Add in a few holidays that delay production times, and the peak shipping season can seriously impact your shipping timeframes and expenses.

Here’s what you need to know about beating the peak shipping season with a Landstar trucking partner.

A Landstar Trucking Agency is a Reliable Option

At AMR Group, we utilize the Landstar business model. The Landstar model uses a network of agents and capacity providers to provide customized transportation solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Landstar trucking providers are safe and secure so that you know your goods will arrive on time.

Some forwarding companies will reserve space on multiple carriers and cancel bookings at the last minute to reduce costs. This creates a negative relationship with carriers that can cause them to deny these bookings, potentially affecting your shipments.

The Landstar model has more than 30 years of experience ensuring that shipments are completed safely and on time.

Plan Ahead to Utilize More Affordable Shipping Options

Avoid putting yourself in a position where you need to deliver goods as quickly as possible. Plan ahead to anticipate your shipping needs and get the most benefits from a Landstar trucking company. If you can use a transit option with a longer shipping time, you can take advantage of lower prices and wider availability.

Even shipping options that only add a few days to your shipping times are usually more affordable and have more availability. A Landstar trucking partner offers numerous tools to help you determine if a shipping option is a viable option for your needs.

Depending on the route, shipments may have layover times that cause them to be batched with other shipments. Even though you pay more for a faster route, these layover times quickly erode your shipping times.

Understand the shipping route so that you can make an informed decision about paying a higher cost for faster shipping periods. When possible, make early arrangements for your shipping needs to ensure you don’t overpay for shipping.

Connect With AMR Group, a Trusted Landstar Trucking Agency

Contact AMR Group at 702-800-6385 today to learn more about how a Landstar trucking agency can fulfill your shipping needs during the busiest shipping seasons. Our international network makes international shipping easy, accurate and fast, with air freight, sea freight and truckload & LTL shipping services available when you need it, where you need it.

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